New Site

Heyas folks,

I finally decided to move on from the free blog to a blog that allows me more freedom in handling my blog.

The content has been moved already and all that’s really left is to fix the page navigation links (which is the biggest bulk of work to do anyway).

The layout and all has remained the same but if anyone experienced in custom designs, css and such is willing to help me to change the appearance, you can contact me at

The new site can be found here!

Please make sure to follow it as I will sooner or later set this blog to private once I finished fixing the links!





  1. Dunno why, but when I subscribed my email to the new site, WordPress sent me a confirmation email in german (which I can read, not that I really needed to for that though). Lol.


    1. its because this site most likely got taken over and also the .org site is set up to block westerners and others so its limited to who can actually view it mostly to the small amount of fans who come here not reading hachin so itsw best to move on and stop donations since the series is no longer available to westerners access, best of luck with other readings


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