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New Site

Heyas folks,

I finally decided to move on from the free blog to a blog that allows me more freedom in handling my blog.

The content has been moved already and all that’s really left is to fix the page navigation links (which is the biggest bulk of work to do anyway).

The layout and all has remained the same but if anyone experienced in custom designs, css and such is willing to help me to change the appearance, you can contact me at

The new site can be found here!

Please make sure to follow it as I will sooner or later set this blog to private once I finished fixing the links!




Kakei Senki wo Kakageyo! – Chapter 7: Herbivores, carnivores, a shepherd and me

Heyas folks,

sorry for the slight delay in release time but this chapter was once again quite difficult and abstract at some parts (though that’s one of the fun parts of this novel).

Thus the language might not flow well at some points, but I’m open to any kind of suggestions as for fixing errors or improving the quality by you, the readers.

Also, this time’s introduced character I’m not 100% sure whether it’s a male or a female. For now I will assume it to be a male following the illustration of volume 1 of the LN, but I might change it if I find an indication for it to be otherwise.

The next chapter will be next week on Saturday.

|>> Well enjoy! <<|




Hachinan tte, sore wa nai deshou! – Chapter 47: Once again Klaus – Part 1

Heyas folks,

only one week remaining until my vacation! :3

And some people filled up the interlude cue to the brink! Well so much for my vacation… XD

Ah, yea, this chapter is probably the longest I’ve translated so far. Probably, because I’m too lazy to check. ><;;

Well Part 1 is 25% of the actual chapter but it had a good point to stop at, so well…

Also, please help out with completing the Glossary, if I missed any characters, locations or special terms in the Glossary, feel free to point them out and I will add those. Thanks~

This chapter was edited by myself as Kruncs is still enjoying the sun n’ beach.

Thanks to my patrons, Asvan and Dark Josh supporting this series!

|>> Here you go! A slightly early release by 1 hour cause I felt like it. :p <<|




Kakei Senki wo Kakageyo! – Chapter 6: It’s the twisting of good and evil because of a strange coincidence

Heyas folks,

here we go with another chapter of this deep and profound story. The author’s complicated way of expressing caused me quite a few headaches this time. xD

Please also note: When Bertrand talks to Marco he is using overly polite language. As for Oyvua, his speech is that of an uneducated farmer, not vulgar but sometimes close to it. Since I can’t express it well in English, I chose this way to inform you guys.

Lastly, if you like this novel, leave a review on NU! Personally I believe this is a novel worth to get some positive publicity, but oh well. ^^

|>> Here you go! <<|




Hachinan tte, sore wa nai deshou! – Chapter 46: Coming home after a long while – part 2

Heyas folks,

I rushed and did a 9-hours-marathon for you guys to read the next and final part of Hachinan tte, sore wa nai deshou!

As Kruncs-san is enjoying his well-deserved vacation, you are stuck with my own editing. And, I can ascertain you, after 9 hours of translating in a row, I didn’t feel like fixing anything else but spelling errors.

Thus, if you find errors, feel free to point them out and I might fix them at work tomorrow.

The next chapter will be next week Sunday, though I might split it up once again if it’s that long.

Also, rejoice! I’ve got vacation starting from 8th August for two weeks! I will use that time to stockpile some chapters and finally give you your extra interlude. For those of you, who are cunning, you are free to fill up the extra interlude cue as you please, I should be able to get all of them done during my vacation. xD

| >> Well enjoy! << |




Hachinan tte, sore wa nai deshou! – Chapter 46: Coming home after a long while – Part 1

Hello folks,

before I get to today’s release, I feel like I have to vent some anger.

Having read the the comments at another translator’s novel translation, I realized there are some people who think it is alright to steal other people’s work and put them up on their site without even having any permission to do that.

Now I do know that this topic isn’t anything new as I’ve seen the thread on NU forum but after checking out the offender’s site today, I was saddened and disappointed that there are such people.

In the first place, we, the translators, already have a problematic standing as we don’t have any official license to translate these novels (otherwise it would be quite easy to bring down such site with legal claims). But I, and I think I can talk for the other other translators on this too, put in a lot effort into translating, editing, releasing and running my site, so that you, the readers, can enjoy the novels.

Therefore, a person or people stealing the content to use it for their own site and, to top it off, claim the content to be their property is the lowest thing someone could do towards someone else’s work.

Of course I could ignore the theft, but I don’t feel like doing so. Thus, I considered my options.

With those are pretty much limited. To avoid site scrapping bots to do their work, the easiest way would be to use JavaScript or such to cloud the content, but that isn’t possible here. I’m no web hacker to know all tricks and gaps possible to use, therefore I decided to use the sole tool available to me with Password-protect each chapter release in the hope that the bots won’t be able to simply grab the content. The passwords will change with each release.

This will be a heavy blow for binge readers, I know. But, if you want to blame someone, then blame those who take other people’s work lightly.

Of course, I’m open for other suggestions that would work with and are easy to implement.

Well, enough of that for now.

Chapter 46 of Hachinan tte, sore wa nai deshou! is longer than the previous chapter. Thus I decided to split it apart into 2 parts once again. The second part will follow next weekend.

Please extend your thanks to Kruncs for editing it for your reading entertainment!

Also thank Zazabooze for re-editing chapters 21 and 22!

The password for this chapter is Artur

|>> Enjoy part 1 <<|