Chapter 7 – Aspire to become a mage

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Alright, let’s start practising magic.” (Wendelin)

I return to the study room. First, I pull out a book called “Introduction to Beginner’s Class Magic” and put it in front of me along with the magic crystal ball which was carelessly neglected, judging from the amount of dust on it.

It seems that no one in this family can use magic judging from the way this crystal ball has been treated.

There must be no one in our territory that can use it either.
It is one person in several thousand after all.

Let see…first, hold up both hands and cover the crystal ball.” (Wendelin)

As I follow what was written in the book, the crystal ball starts to give off a dim rainbow coloured light.

It’ll give off a rainbow light but don’t be surprised since everyone can do it. Next is to absorb the rainbow light into your palm and imagine it circulating inside your body.”

When I do it as was written in the book, the rainbow light disappears from the crystal ball and it feels like my body gradually becomes hotter.

The fact that the rainbow light disappears from the crystal ball and the practitioner’s body starts to feel hot indicates that the person has magical talent. However, there are big differences in the level of talent so don’t expect too much. Next is training to circulate the magic in your body and it would be preferable if you execute it while slowly counting to 100 every day.”

According to what was written in the book, magic in the human body is circulated through one particular set of arteries known as the magic path and is stored in an organ called the magic bag.

But it is a fact that these magical organs could not be found even if one were to dissect a human being.
According to a theory, it is hypothesised that the arteries and the magic bag exist in the same positions as other organs but in a different dimension. There is no proof of this but it was written as fact in the book.

Circulate the magical power. Magical powers would increase as you expand your magical pathways. As you consciously feed magical power into the magic bag, the magic bag will expand and likewise increase your magical capacity.”

The magic bag feels like the internal organs that the monsters in Ultraman had, which I saw when I was a child. It seems one’s belly does not bulge out even if one practices expanding magic.

In this kind of story, the next step by default would be to use magic in large quantities to increase one’s magical capacity.
After which, one is to train your accuracy and the power output of their magic which also helps to further increase one’s magical capacity.

However, there is a limit in every human. It is almost certain that the growth limit of your magic capacity has been reached if you do not feel your magic increasing within three consecutive days. After which, try harder to improve your magical power and accuracy, and learning several types of magic you can use.”

I see, given the research on this subject has advanced so far, the result was announced without any regret in the outcome.
The method of learning has been thoroughly studied but the humans that can use magic are extremely few.
But this is really convenient; there is still a shortage of talent even though the demand for it has increased.

In other words, the road to independence becomes faster if one can use magic.” (Wendelin)

The next thing to do is to learn beginner’s class magic.

Since it was just beginner’s class, such magic involved only lighting a fire on your fingertips which was as strong as a matchstick or light; filling a bucket worth of water; creating a small whirlwind on the palms of your hand; changing the soil outside into a sharp shard and hitting a board set up as a target.

It was written in the book to keep repeating magic at this level.
By now, I should be able to immediately conjure the image of beginner’s level magic in my head.
According to the book, it does not seem necessary to chant or write magic formations for small magical arts.
Some people do mutter or shout out a word or cry what he/she thought about, or even add an action such as swinging the staff in a particular motion.

It seems if such a method helps that person increase his accuracy or power, it deemed appropriate for that person. Though there seems to be people like me who can invoke magic without chanting by just imagining the spell.

In a nutshell, people with talent can do it immediately but it was impossible for those with no talent no matter how much effort he or she puts into it.” That is a pretty cruel description written in the book.

Go for the intermediate edition of this book if you think that you did not have much difficulty learning this after a week.”

Since it was written so, I try to flip through the intermediate book so as to prepare for my next lesson.

The contents in the intermediate magic book include such things such as fire arrow, ice arrow, making a rock shard and skewering an enemy from far-away, killing an enemy a small wind blades and simple body enhancements.

Since I was left alone in the house anyway, I will work hard practising magic every day.”

After one week, I have trained my magic as written in the book but I never heard anyone in the house ask me if I could use magic.

I think it is probably because having magical talent was the same as hitting the lottery.
They may not have expected anything at all since I was considered to be just a useless kid.


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