Chapter 6 – The existence of magic

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 Magic?” (Erich)

Yes, magic.” (Wendelin)

It was time for lunch just as I was about to start reading; I went towards the dining room in anguish.
Lunch was just brown bread with vegetable soup and minced meat seasoned with salt, just like breakfast.

I’m just happy to be able to eat in this world, was what I thought as I ate my meal.

As I began to finish up my meal as always, I asked Erich-nii-san, who sat next to me, what he knew about magic.

By the way, my parents and my two older brothers were apparently busy discussing how best to cultivate the newly expanded land and paid me no heed.

Concerning magic, almost all books on the subject is in father’s study room. There is even a crystal ball used for magic training.” (Erich)

It seems the magic techniques in this world was not something that was hidden away.
Those detailed books were placed in the study room because father was unfamiliar with magic.

There is also the crystal ball but the books related to the subject of magic are cheaper than the books concerning other fields.” (Erich)

The reason is simple; very few human beings have magical talent.
Apparently magical talent is not hereditary as well.
The chances of a prodigy in magic coming from a farmer’s family is actually quite high. It was thus established that books on magic should be easily obtainable even for commoners. It seems that I won’t die without knowing whether I have any magical talent.

By the way, it is the kingdom that is providing the aid since an excellent magician brings a lot of benefits to the nation.

Actually, most humans have a small amount magic power but most are unable to cast magic at any scale. It is said that only one person in a thousand can use magic.” (Erich)

Moreover, of that number, only half of them are able produce a spark or fill a cup of water only once a day.
They can do only that much.

A magician who can produce a fireball capable of burning monsters will be hired and given a high salary by anyone in the royal family or one of the nobles. However, such a person is quite rare.” (Erich)

They would go that far since such a person is only one in several thousands and can’t be found that easily.
The number of people who live in this country is about fifty million according to a book I read and based on that alone, I calculated that there are only about 10,000 to 20,000 capable of using magic.

Next is …” (Erich)

Magicians seem to have preferences.
There are the classical magicians that use magic attacks such as fireball, ice arrow, rock splinter and wind blade.
Then there are some that fight by combining magic and hand-to-hand combat techniques, increasing their attacks, agility and defence against both melee and magic.

There also people who specialise in non-combat magic such as communications or ways to reach a destination quickly.

Finally, there are those who purify metal ores, use magic stored in magic crystals or specialise in creating magical tools.

The number of people in each category grow smaller as you go down the list so it is extremely logical that such an existence can earn a lot of money.

Magic, it’s filled with dreams.” (Wendelin)

Well, yeah …” (Erich)

Erich-nii-san let out a complicated smile to my comment.
I thought that it was exactly like a child’s dream but I am not dreaming in such a way since I am 25 years old inside.

It is just that if you were to take such an attitude, adults will look at you with a certain affection, at least based on my own beliefs.

I remember I used to practice magic every day, just like you, Wend.” (Erich)

Erich-nii-san talks about his memories from the past.

And it seems Wend is something like an abbreviation to my name, huh?

I will try practicing magic immediately.” (Wendelin)

Do your best.” (Erich)

After I finished my talk with Erich-nii-san, I quickly finished my meal and hurriedly went to the study room.
The other family members took no notice of me and were either too absorbed in their sword practice or talking about the newly reclaimed land to pay me any particular attention.

They gave minimum support to a useless child, but that doesn’t mean I was forced to do hard labour, so it was not a cruel family. My only wish now was to quickly become independent.

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  1. So, population of 50 million, but only 10-20,000 can use magic. And how many of the magic users are actually talented enough to use combat spells or buffing spells? Looks like a good job market.


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