Chapter 5 – People in Baumeister knight peerage house

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That’s it for now as I have sword practice after this.”

Thanks, Erich nii-san.”

No worries, it’s for my cute little brother after all.”

After breakfast, Erich (the fifth son), explained to me in detail about our family, who was still considered young due to my appearance. He later left the mansion saying he had sword practice.

From the contents of yesterday’s recollection, Erich nii-san was not really that good at the sword. Regardless, he seemed determine to learn the sword quickly and trained constantly despite being a lower class noble.

However, there is no one in the current Baumeister family that excels in swordsmanship.

In fact, though our territory is surrounded by monsters, it does not seem to be in constant conflict with monsters.
It seems that monsters never come out of their own domain and this fact remained without exception for the past several thousand years.

You could say that the area where the monsters lived in may be near but they won’t be a threat so long we did not step into their domain.
Furthermore, I feel bad for saying it, but the Baumeister Knight Territory consists only of poor farming villages. Everyone except for the eldest son Kurt, who is father’s heir, is assigned some sort of work.

I have never cultivated the fields before but for the population of the Baumeister territory that was gradually increasing, we would either need to reclaim the untouched plains or those yet to be occupied by monsters. We also hunt in the forest for meat but only where common wild animals live.

I can’t really say that this is work meant for a noble but perhaps it is suitable for this poor knight family with a lot of kids.

Though, compared to the other lower noble class family in rural areas, apparently this is the norm.

However, they seem to practice martial arts such as the sword and bow or horse riding in their free time.

Eh? Why don’t we learn etiquette, reading, writing, and maths as nobles?”

Why should a lower class noble in the frontier, like us, learn etiquette? We don’t even have any task in the royal capital other than the appointment.”

Since, the content of our lessons were surprisingly few, I asked mother who was diligently making rope despite being a noble lady and she answered me with a puzzled look.

In short, in the Baumeister territory, with the exception of taking the long trip to the royal capital in the event of the family’s head formal bestowal ceremony, there is no particular need to learn etiquette as a noble.

In truth, even in the bestowal ceremony with the king, the armour worn is one that was handed down generation to generation within the Baumeister family.

I, as Helmut’s king the (insert number) generation of Helmut kingdom, I grant thou, (insert name) the 7th rank knight peerage.”

I wield my sword, for His Majesty, for the kingdom and for the people.”

It seems to end with just this exchange.
Since there are so many similar knights in the kingdom, the busy king cannot even attend the ceremony for long.

My new mother explained to me while dexterously braiding the rope in her hands.

There certainly is no need for etiquette if this exchange is only a once in a lifetime thing.
The exception to this would be for the high rank nobles and the nobles that enter government service at the capital city.

Besides, about maths, reading and writing…”

This also seems to not be needed much.
Even though I thought we were nobles, if I were to think about the Middle Ages in Europe, I heard that there were many nobles who could not write.

So long as you were able to write your own name, you can just leave everything such as tax calculations to the village chief and the village headman. I remembered in a book I read that knowledge in maths wasn’t needed at all.

This is unlikely for a noble in the royal palace but it’s hardly a problem if the noble’s role was to take an active part in keeping the peace and waging war.
However, since most enemies stay in one’s own territory, there is no opportunity to hone and show off those skills either.

Even with the etiquette for the Middle Ages in Europe, there were also some people who ate meat by grasping it in their hand.

I can write all of our names but some people can only read and write simple characters.

Come to think of it, was Wendelin ever able to read and write a simple sentence?”

I am just the useless eighth son and am not really counted as manpower within the lord’s territory since I am just a child.
For that reason, it seems that Wendelin was reading alone in the study room before I possessed him.

The first job for the useless eighth son is to not become a hindrance for the working members of the family.

Yes, only a little bit.”

You need to work harder.”

This might hurt mother but it was natural since I can’t inherit the family territory, if I think about it, I doubt I can even remain here.
Even brother Erich who is not that good at the sword works hard on learning it as he most likely foresees a future where he might need it.

However, it seems Erich is unusually good at maths, reading and writing considering the house he is a part of.

I’ll be reading a book in the study room.”


I hastily went to the study room after talking to mother.

Everyone else busy, I am just a useless kid after all.
The age gap with my brothers is quite big and I do not really talk to them. Especially the eldest and second son.

That’s doesn’t mean that I am hated; the more correct answer is that there is no point of initiating contact since our ages are so far apart.

Based on the memories from the previous Wendelin, I began to practice the sword and bow for a little bit after becoming 6 years old but the training was unreasonable for a 6-year-old kid. In the end, I just wanted to avoid disturbing the rest of the other adults.

I can say it was a mission imposed on me.

Oh, the number of books is surprisingly high.”

Even a poor noble family has its own history so there were many books in father’s study room.

There were books from numerous fields, which included topics such as history, literature, mathematics, mineral, biological and monsterology, a book on geology that matched a high school graduation level in Hesei era Japan, a simple children’s picture book, and even a cookbook.

I feel that our meals are poor even though we have a cookbook; you can assume that they had given up since the materials used in the recipes cannot be secured.

I can read it normally, I mean it’s in Japanese.”

Though I had such premonitions since I converse with my family in Japanese, the common language in this world seems to be Japanese.

Though there are slight differences.

Firstly, the format or style adopted by the lower class nobles ha no relationship with the style of plebeians or the royal palace in the capital, but they can read and write it a little.
They don’t use kanji at all.

Kanji part in hiragana, part of hiragana are described in katakana.

This is seems to be how most sentences are formed in this world which I feel is rather difficult to read.
Next is the format used by the kingdom and the neighbouring empire. Primarily by the royal family, high ranked nobles, the upper echelons of the church and various guilds, scholars or academic societies of the various fields of study. It is also the standard used in official documents published in the central government.

It seems that this format, used by those in high position, is closer to ordinary Japanese.

I can read this quite easily
Well, it was somewhat familiar but there were also parts where the meaning tends to be uncertain.
There are even English words mixed in some nouns for some reason.
Or part of the Japanese sections are written in romanji.

The more complicated English verses were quite difficult though I don’t have much issues because a majority of the books were written in kanji but depending on the book, it may be in the Romanji notation. The law governing all this was a little unclear.

Even the official documents, the percentage of hiragana and katakana used is about 70%, kanji 20% and the others are 10%.

I honestly felt that it didn’t matter but I am worried since bureaucrat and government officials are such creatures in any world.

Since I am just a 6-year-old kid right now, all I can do right now is to continue working hard at my martial arts and to build up my stamina though it will be good to store up on the knowledge of this world by reading the books in the study room, for later.

I thought this to myself as I looked through the bookshelf, till I spotted the one subject I really hoped to find.

Beginner magic, intermediate magic, advanced magic, foundation in alchemy, producing magic tools for the first timers. Oh! There is really magic!”

I pick it up, feeling excited that I may be able to use magic.


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  1. It bugs me so much that they’re making all these comparisons to european culture even using german names but sure enough they speak japanese and write in Kanji and Hiragana even adding romanji which makes even less sense to me.

    I know it’s just auf fantasy novel but in He get’s all the knowledge why not have him learn the language via memories.
    IT just Bugs the hell out of me ;___;

    Liked by 1 person

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