Chapter 4 – Baumeister knight territory

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The territory under the Baumeister House is actually large enough to be comparable to the territory held by an archduke.”

After breakfast, I got an explanation from Erich-nii-san. He has the same mother as me. That is to say he is of noble descent as well. He gives me a brief explanation on the facts of our parent’s family’s, the Baumeister Knight Territory.
I was worried that they might have thought that it was strange for a 6 year old boy to ask such questions but my new parents, my other brothers and the servants didn’t find anything strange about it.

Or rather I, who is ten years younger than the fifth son Erich, whom looked mild and intellectual, was treated like an immature eighth son. As such I did not garner that much attention until now.

It actually saved me some trouble sometimes being treated as an immature kid.

If we develop everything then, Father…”

If we can develop it. Yeah…it must be hard for the margrave.”

But from Erich-nii-san’s dull tone, He left the question of if we could develop it open.

My new hometown, Baumeister Knight Territory, was located on the south-east side of the kingdom and faced the sea.
But in-between the coast and the villages, a vast amount of savage land and forest still remained.

The forest was called the “Demon Forest” by the people and inside had ingredients and medicinal herbs of various natures. There were also some places mineral and jewel deposits could be found. It would make the territory enormously wealthy if it could be developed.

But this forest was, at the same time, also a monster den.

The reason behind a monster outbreak was unknown, but the general idea was that common wild animals became huge and brutal. This clearly indicated that such creatures had emerged naturally from the ecosystem of the area.

With their abundant reproductive ability, even the weakest creatures could be considered too strong for a normal person to defeat.
On the other hand, the fur and tusk that could be harvested from such animals was considered expensive material. The meat of such animals was also delicious and of high-quality too.

As such there existed adventurers that specialized in the subjugation of such monsters. The adventurer guild that supported and managed them also exists. The problem was that even the adventurer guild had refused to establish a branch office here because the Baumeister Knight Territory was considered frontier territory.

The strong adventurers certainly could earn a lot in the Demon Forest but monster dens of that level exists in many places around the continent…”

It was said that there exist thousands of places of such kind varying from small to large areas where such monsters lived on the Lingaia continent.
They lived in the wilderness, prairie, river, lakes and marshes. Just like our forest.

After a certain area had become a domain for monsters, they would eliminate any humans or other animals they had wandered inside the domain.
The miserable death of the Margrave Breithilde’s army that Arthur talked about was the result of underestimating the strength of the monster territory.

About the Margrave army’s end, Father and also the previous Margrave Breithilde were too impatient…Did they get punished by the royal palace in the capital city after that?”

It is also the job of some adventurers with considerable ability to hunt monsters by secretly invading the monster territory with only a few people.

Of course there were also many people who lost their lives but since the reward was equal to the risk, a fortune could still be made from such activities. There were many people who had become famous and served in the royal palace because of such exploits including nobles based on Erich-nii-san’s story.

But Erich-nii-san. Then why did they refuse to establish the guild branch here?”

Since they were busy.”

It appeared that there were also multiple domains where monster lived near the royal capital.
The monsters in such domains have not come out for some reason. Not even one step from their domain, but they are merciless to any military forces or adventurers who invades their territory.
Humans who invade the monster domain to get rich quickly are fighting desperately against monsters that try to eliminate them.

Even with many people becoming adventurers, there were also those that retired early so there were still a lot of untouched monster domains in the center of the Lingaia continent.

That was also a reason why the Baumeister Knight Territory couldn’t be developed. The Helmut Kingdom and the Urquhart Holy Empire also called the area where the monsters live the “Nevus continent” in annoyance.

I also think that our Baumeister Knight Territory is an area in the frontier where someone with the title of a knight could just possess a vast amount of territory.”

Originally, the first Baumeister was a poor knight who lived in poverty without duty. He took 10 poor people and started a farming village on this open ground.

The royal palace didn’t think that people would actually start a farming village on this ground. The Baumeister House was only admitted as a noble house once the palace had received a report that our ancestors had succeeded in setting up a village.”

That said, this Baumeister Knight Territory was located in the most remote region of the kingdom to the extent that trade with the outside was limited.

There are three villages that had developed at the foot of a mountain range that runs through the border area in the north and west. The population is about eight hundred people in total and their main occupation is agriculture with a bit of hunting and gathering things from the forest. A few even mine iron and copper.”

Our neighbor, the Breithilde House was involved in a painful experience related to us in the western part. An alliance of small and weak lords just like us in the northern part of the kingdom had gathered their territories together.

At the same time, the wyverns that lived in swarms travelled constantly through mountain range in our territory. There were also a lot of monsters that lived elsewhere so the only method of trade was trading with the caravan that came once every several months.

They can barely pass through the thin mountain path if they come with guards. Adventurers are required as escorts through such a pass. As such the goods exported are expensive.”

Due to going to such remote villages a distance away, guard duty of such caravans seemed to be unpopular with the adventurers given that there was the possibility of wyverns attacking the caravan.

That made the reward of such duties rise enormously which led to the item prices also going up in response. It appears that there was no tariff imposed as well as declared by Arthur with his lord’s right.

Because the caravan will not come if we place a tariff.”

Erich-nii-san kept explaining to me with a wry smile. In short, we were surrounded from most sides by monster domains.

The kingdom had given their approval that the local area and the huge savage land surrounding it was part of our territory. To start with though, it was impossible to develop given a small and weak House controlled the territory and it was located in a rural area as well.

This is the reality of my new home, the Baumeister Knight Territory.


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