Chapter 3 – A poor noble house in the southernmost frontier

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After absorbing the previous Wendelin’s memory from the dream, I woke up along with my new brothers to eat breakfast in the mansion’s dining room.

Although I say mansion, it was just the mansion of a lower ranking noble.

As there are a limited number of rooms, they are divided accordingly by utility.

There’s a study; a warehouse for food, money, goods and armor; and etcetera… In my opinion, it’s at best similar to a wealthy farmer’s home.

Those who have their own personal room are the current family head, Artur (45 years old), and his legal wife, Johanna (44). The others include Kurt (25, the eldest son) and Hermann (23, the 2nd son).

The four remaining brothers from the legal wife had been shoved into one room.

Besides me, they are Paul (19, the 3rd son), Helmut (17, the 4th son), and Erich (16, the 5th son).

This is the depressing scene of an overcrowded home, though it’s a good setting for an old novel.

It should be noted that the mistress. Leila (31). resides at her parent’s house, the villa of the village head.

Living with her are her children, Walter (14, the 6th son), Karl (13, the 7th son), Agnes (11, the eldest daughter), and Karina (10, the 2nd daughter).

Although their name belonged to proper German nobles’, the fact is the same in either world.

From the information in yesterday’s dream, it seems that there aren’t enough rooms for everyone residing in the mansion.

As it was not necessary for the mistress’ child to receive a noble’s education, there was no need for them to stay in the mansion, nor for interactions with them.

Though, the previous Wendelin have met them several times in his memory.

Others living there include the village head’s heir and his wife, who happens to be an influential person in the territory, but the politics of it all don’t matter to me since I won’t inherit it.

Back at the mansion, there are retainers that could be seen maintaining the house. Abel (71) is the butler who has been serving the family since the previous head. There are four maids as well, but all of them are grandmas from the village since there is a possibility that Artur, with zero family plans and values, would impregnate them. (ED: ─‿‿─)

There are also retainers that command the militia in times of war, but they are essentially ordinary farmers, artisans, hunters or blacksmiths from the village. Since they don’t live in the mansion, all of them commute to work from their family houses in the village.

In poor villages on the frontier, like this one, there is no difference between a warrior and farmer.

In the case of an emergency, their governing nobles can mobilize them at will.

Even so, there has been no occurrence of conflict in a small territory like this for the last 200 years.

To begin with, the Baumeister territory of the current family head, Artur von Benno Baumeister, is in the southern end of the Helmut Kingdom on the Lingaia continent.

The only potential enemy for the Helmut Kingdom would be the Urquhart Holy Empire that lies to the north of the continent. However, the two nation are divided by a massive wilderness.

The Urquhart Holy Empire had made headway by contributing money and labor on the development of this area, but has yet to secure a safe approach to the Helmut Kingdom located to the south.

That is to say, both sides are unable to afford war due to logistic expenses.

Nonetheless, until about 200 years ago, both nation have repeatedly summoned armies as a cautionary measure.

They proceeded to signed a cease-fire treaty afterwards, as the exercise only wasted food and resources. Thus, a peaceful borderline was established.

In addition, since trade between the two countries was opened, and excluding some hard-liners, it can be said that the flames of war has been extinguished.

Hence, I am at ease as I won’t have to experience war.

I can say that I was lucky in that respect.

“Dear, what’s the matter?” (Johanna)

I turn my gaze to the meal in front of me. Brown bread served with a small portion of meat and vegetable. A bowl of soup seasoned with only salt.

It is an incredibly bland meal, but it seems like eating meat in the morning is a proof of nobility.

Nobles ate three meals a day whereas farmers ate only two.

Since both of the menu included bread and soup, the social distinctions doesn’t appear so different.

The brown bread was hard and tasteless, if only it was followed with some soft white bread, jam, butter, cheese and tea or something. The poor set of soup would become gorgeous with just that. (ED: tlc…)

I heard that there are big differences in the menu between rural, urban, and other areas.

Is that true? I wouldn’t know unless I go to the other areas though.

If it is true then I have some disappointing news: our Baumeister territory appears to be quite poor.

“The matter of establishing a branch office of the Adventurer’s Guild has been refused.” (Artur)

“They might have been busy with work.” (Johanna)

“Clearing more transportation routes or the like would’ve been fine too.” (Artur)

My new father, Artur, has a sour look in front of his remaining dish of soup.

It was confirmed before that magic exists in this new world, as well as the famed Adventurer’s Guild.

Magic and creatures like monsters exist too, so there must be adventurers who hunt it to make a living.

“Since the monsters in our territory are quite strong…” (Artur)

“Father, can’t you just call the army in to hunt them in one sweep?” (Kurt)

“Kurt, that’s not possible. We can’t repeat the same blunder as the late Breithilde margrave-dono.” (Artur)

The heir and eldest son, Kurt nii-san, suggested raising an army but was immediately rejected by Artur.

“Can I say something… Father?” (Wendelin)

“What is it, Wendelin? And no more soup for you.” (Artur) (ED: soup nazi spotted)

From yesterday’s dreams, I, as the eighth son, am 6 years old if counted from the new year. I was even seven years younger than the seventh son.

Hence, my seat is at the end of the dining table, at the edge even.

I was simply asking a question, but was misunderstood as wanting a second serving. You could consider it to be more evidence that this house is poor.

“No, I am not asking for more soup. I want to ask about the Breithilde margrave-sama that tried to hunt the monsters.” (Wendelin)

“About that huh, we were requested to aid with the monster subjugation in our Baumeister territory a few years ago…” (Artur)

Judging from the terms of the request, they seemed to have been confident in the endeavor, but after provoking the monsters on their own turf pointlessly, the margrave’s army of 2,000 received a miserable crushing blow.

Just after the new head of Breithilde margraviate took over, his first work was to rebuild the destroyed army.

“The new Breithilde margrave-dono said that as a noble, he doesn’t have the rights to the territory currently occupied by the monsters. To put it in another light, it means that he would never engage the monsters in our Baumeister territory ever again.” (Artur)

And so, I have to spend my life in a terribly ominous place until I grow up.

The soup that I put in my mouth felt tasteless when I thought so.

It wasn’t that tasty to begin with, since it’s only seasoned with small amounts of salt.

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