Nidoume no Jinsei wo Isekai de – Chapter 35: It seems to be sequel 2

Good evening,

this chapter marks the end and beginnings of some things.

First off, it is the end of the arc “Something like an introductory part” which the author calls as “chapter 1.” The following arc is called “Something like the compilation of activity” and it has 44 chapters (including interludes).

Next it marks the end of my translation of Nidoume no Jinsei wo Isekai de. Some may ask why. But, I can ascertain you that it’s not because I dislike this series at all. Although slow, this story advances at a steady rate and presents the reader with a collected, shrewd MC who manages to adapt to his own situation in a proficient way. There are some discrepancies in the story but it’s a web novel after all, so blaming the author for it is kind of disrespectful in my eyes.

So why am I dropping this? The major point lies in its slowness and my slowness. As of now the author has released 323 chapters (including interludes). Going by my current pace, I might catch up to the novel in about 10 years. Although I could at best increase the release rate to once a week, I am not inclined to do so because it is fairly difficult to preserve through all those filler chapters without getting discouraged if you are translating at a slow pace. If my RL allowed me to, I’d love to release 2-3 chapters per week, but that ain’t happening. Also, I am not an egoistical prick, who thinks it is fine to keep hogging a series, I can’t deliver at a decent rate, to myself. Thus, after considering it myself and seeing some people complaining about the slow release pace, I decided to let a different translator pick up this series in the hope that they will be able to go at a faster pace than I am capable of.

I would be glad if future translators could drop me a line at in order to at least avoid various translators picking up the same novel. 🙂

Well, an end usually always means a beginning, thus I will announce here that I will be translating Kakei Senki wo Kakageyo! on a weekly basis starting with 9th July. That series is finished at something around 140 chapters with a light novel adaptation, though I will translate the web novel. I am yet not certain if I can keep up that pace considering my RL, so it is merely a temporary announcement as of yet.

Oh yea, I am still looking for editors, thus don’t be shy and apply you candidacy!

Well here you go with the last chapter of Nidoume no Jinsei wo Isekai de from my side.





  1. I chuckle a bit at ‘in 10 years’
    right, …… math always hit hard with numbers.
    anyway Thanks for picking this up. by no means it is slow to me. I once wait for a books to continue to translate for 5 years. yes, 5 frickin year. so I always tell every translator to do at theirs own pace and prioritize theirs RL not to be cheesy but I really feel it. Afterall I wait for that frickin book for 5 years and it is not even end to this day. albeit it releases a lot faster now. oh and that was like … 10 years ago.

    and now lets wait some more to see who pick this up.


  2. ugh another novel dropped .. how many got translated until the end this year ? i can only recall 3. maybe i got into novels too soon seeing the lack of translators 😦


  3. Kakei Senki wo Kakageyo looks boring, thank you for translating Nidoume no Jinsei wo Isekai de until now, though.


  4. Thank you for all the hard work until now and for continued work on the new project when that starts.


  5. I really love this series
    so i’m really sad to know that this project will drop
    but I like your decision to drop this series when you know that it will be hard to catch up to the chapter
    I hope other translators are like you not hogging series even if they are months to translate a chapter or keeping the project stall
    I really hope someone took up this series


    1. Well it would only be frustrating for all sides if I kept translating it at my current pace cause this story ain’t really fast paced. From chapter 6 until chapter 29 we saw literally no action but slice of life stuff. This is frustrating for me as translator cause that basically meant 46 weeks of no story development and it’s also frustrating for you, the readers, as you feel like the novel ain’t getting anywhere.
      Thus I used the end of Arc 1 as cutting line.
      I wouldn’t recommend any translator to pick this up unless they can release 2+ chapters per week at least.
      Well, if no one picks this up within a half year, I might reinstate it as side project, so it gets translated at all though.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. At least one chapter sometimes is way faster than no chapter at all, but as I always say : the one who translate do what he want, leachers and readers are just here to enjoy, and have no right to complain ;o)
        Especially if you said that you might continue it on the side if nobody take it over, so thanks for the good work (your translation quality was nice) and I hope this novel’s translation will restart sooner or later, here or anywhere else.

        By the way, sorry but I don’t think I will start reading kakei senki any time soon as I follow already way to many novel right now (and sometimes I even mix up their characters). Maybe when you finish it I’ll binge read it ;o).

        Liked by 1 person

  6. I’m surprised that you dropped Nidoumi no jinsei, I thought for sure it would be Hachinan tte. Anyway Thanks for your hard work.


  7. this WN is second to Summoned Slaughterer to me in this site,so good
    I hate Hachinan MC and the story is pretty boring to me,I dont hate the genre but thats for anime and maybe some manga,for WN just nope,freakin wimp ,and his character is really weak,just like any random romcom MC you could find anywhere,it has a good start but meh
    really sad you drop this but oh well,I can do nothing about that,I can only wait for someone else to take it oh and thanks for the translation so far


      1. Sad to tell you, but I honestly don’t think there will be any other TL picking this series up.
        After all it has a fatal flaw. You can generally split Isekai novels in two categories, first those which are heavy on action, adventuring, fighting some kind of enemy etc., second those which are heavy on world building, learning about the other world, social interactions etc.
        The three series I’m currently translating fall all into the second category and as such readers can accept a slower pace.
        Yes, I’m no quick translator cause that would be impossible with my RL.
        Nidoume falls into the first category, BUT it is fairly slow paced for one of that type. And that’s its fatal weakness. I could check whether the later chapters pick up on story pace, but I don’t think that will happen to be honest.
        An action driven, romantic story that needs like forever to get to its climaxes… well… finding a TL for that… good luck.
        I could offer you to do a once-off chapter of the series every once in a while, but an action-driven story and a slow n steady translator mesh a bit badly. Since I’m translating 3 series already, I have no time to incorporate it in my schedule without sacrificing one of the others either. Thus, I will TL a chapter once in a while, if my cue is totally empty, but nothing more than that, unless of course another TL picks it up.


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