Somehow …

… my latest blog message was ignored by almost all novel updating sites. I wonder why. I feel shunned.

Well easiest approach would be for everyone to hit “Follow“! So, yea, let’s go with that, shall we not? ^^

Oh well, let’s try once more. You can find Chapter 7 of I work as Healer in Another World’s Labyrinth City here.

Please make also sure to check the poll in the previous blog message here.


Greetings and a Happy New Year to everyone,



          1. Oh this message went through on aho-updates. I wonder what was up with that anyway.
            Please make sure to check the poll in the original blog message (as reminder). 🙂


    1. It is hidden behind an adfly wall, so you have to turn off your adblockers for that?
      I don’t plan to move the previous chapters here as it is only a teaser and the original translator obviously uses the chapters to get some cash.


      1. I think something is wrong with your rss feed. Also, isnt it needed to register the translation once at NU so it will start following the group for that series?


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