Hachinan tte, sore wa nai desshou! – Chapter 35: Fiance

Good evening minna-san,

a selected few of you might have pondered whether I went into winter hibernation. Well while that might have been nice, it’s (un)fortunately not true. After releasing the latest chapter of Nidoume no Jinsie wo Isekai de I proceeded to translate 2 Chapters of Summoned Slaughterer. Those will be released soon after the next chapter (chapter 25 ) has been posted. Afterwards I plunged into translating the huge workload called chapter 35 of Hachinan tte, sore wa nai desshou!

Well with working right until Christmas, spending time with family etc. on Christmas, we finally managed to get it done.

Feel free to read it |>> here <<|

As usual, many thanks to Kruncs-kun for his great work at editing my gibberish!

Now as for the coming translations: I promised my dear loyal editors to each choose a chapter of a series of their liking to be translated as belated Christmas gift. So look forward to that. The first one should be up by tomorrow and if it all goes well then the second will be up by the day after tomorrow.

After that I intend to translate Interlude 4 and Chapter 18 of Nidoume no Jinsei wo Isekai  de before translating Interlude 8 and 9 of Hachinan tte, sore wa nai deshou!

Busy days are approaching, huh?


Well, look forward to it,



  1. Thanks for the chapter.
    The MC doesnt know how to live in peace even though he knows why he made all his mistakes. Poor Ina and Luise when they get to know the fiance.
    The shuraba is incoming!


    1. Whhaaat that was plain dirty! Taking advantage because hes a kid! But in reality hes never been good with girls so he lost in the Wordplay and gave in to the Sale Pitch….
      Well at least shes pretty and a good girl but whats wrong with being a relative of Armstrong?
      I cant wait till the other girls find out! They should had really gone with Wend since the beginning….lol


      1. If you search on the net for the blog of this series you will see some spoilers that will tell you the outcome with Wend and the two other girls.


      1. He just does not have confidence in himself. Since he still compares himself to his good looking brother. Even though reading through the chapters the 2 other girls in their opioion thinks he is good looking. And yeah he is dumb when comes to girls.


    1. To be fair, Wendelin didn’t think he was a candidate. He thought that at a minimum a candidate had to be an earl or baron that also is the head or heir of their household.


  2. Hoenheim: “You like her?”

    MC: “Ha! You’re talking like I actually stand a chance with some random ultra bishojou!”

    Hoenheim: “Well, the King has decreed you should marry her, the heads of the Church agree, and her Uncle who is the most powerful Court Magician in centuries gave a moist eyed thumbs up when he was asked. So yeah, you’re getting married to her.”


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  3. Do you want some light novel illustration of hachinan, shasux-san?

    If yes, please put your email here, i’ll give it to you directly


    1. Please make a Mediafire account, upload the images to it, and then copy and paste a download link into this response thread. After that we can download the images, upload them to a Google Docs directory, and make an image link through a website I know of so we run no risk of loss of anonymity for any parties involved, while eliminating the possability of viruses using image hosting sites to attack readers.

      Because I am against sharing out email addresses to total strangers.


          1. If you google the title then click on the image for the search you will find the illstrations I think what you are looking for.


  4. …more interludes?! Any chance you could skip the interludes if they’re irrelevant like the last one.

    The last interlude was mainly about the adventurers and seemed to infer that Wendelin actually had an army under his paycheck for the clean up without him knowing. I was even expecting someone to tell him so we could see his reaction.

    Instead it goes off like a fart in the wind, more of an irrelevant and optional side story than an interlude. Which makes me wish you’d give them a quick read and skip the less important ones.


    1. Personally I dislike interludes, too. But if I were to do that, there would be people asking me, why I am skipping out on them and complain about it.
      The coming 2 Interludes are the last for a while as far as I have seen.
      I could hold back on translating them for a while but well, we will see. 🙂


  5. Wow, given your comments in- and outside the translation, could it be you actually want people to thank you for translating? As for the one about Translators being as appreciative about donations as clergymen, I’m of the opinion that more people should say “Thank you for your hard work,” because 99% of the readers don’t give you anything in return.


  6. Lol Wend walked straight into that one XD well at least Elise seems to be cool with it so it’s all good.

    Thanx for the chapter


    1. Thanks for the illustrations of Hachinan.
      For those who want to know we are currently in the end of v2
      So after that is all spoiler
      (There are some last images that are spoilers for the end of v2)


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