Info: Finally back

Heyas everyone,

to make a long story short: My PC didn’t feel like going on any more and ordered the power supply to kill my MB and and SSD HD with a nice voltage spike. I was amused .. not … not at all, staring at a black screen is kind of not very fun. So I took the thing Monday last week to the PC shop, got it checked (diagnostic see above) and got it back on Saturday with the necessary new parts (gotta love unexpected expenses). On the bright side I guess I had some time to read a few good fantasy books after a long time once again (if anyone needs a good recommendation: Richard Schwartz “Secret of Askir” [if it’s available in English] is a very very decent series).

After reinstalling all the stuff Saturday evening and yesterday, I didn’t feel like bothering with translation or anything as I was kind of not in the mental state to bother with anything that would mean work.

Well now is a new week with a half new PC, so I am back in business after mentally cooling down a bit. I managed to get Nidoume no Jinsei wo Isekai de to 80% before all went downhill (luckily my storage HD wasn’t affected, can’t beat a good ole magnet stripes HDD I guess), so I will see if I can finish the remaining 20% within the week, else you will get the release on Friday. I will afterwards work on releasing the next chapter of Hachinan tte, sore wa nai deshou! and one of the following interludes as compensation for the downtime (even if it wasn’t something I really caused myself).


Over ‘n out,




  1. The best way to deal with a black screen is to throw your pc to a wall…this way is only to deal with your emotions not how to deal with the black screen in general…


    1. That’s how I felt. It’s especially frustrating if it happens on the weekend when you can’t do jack to deal with it since all the frigging shops are closed.
      And fortunately my parents who might’ve provided me with spare parts were enjoying their vacation in Norway at that time coming back this Sunday’s afternoon and asking me how my week was …


    1. I don’t read chinese web novels or for that matter any other asian novels but japanese ones except 2 which are japanese themed but not really written by a japanese author, so I wouldn’t know.
      But considering it was a long humid hot summer over here I am not overly surprised if other translator’s PCs go bust as well. The heat puts extra strain on the cooling within a PC and it’s not my first PSU taking a sky dive dragging down other parts as well. That doesn’t weaken the annoyance level it caused at all though. -.-

      Well my Windows partition is reinstalled mostly now (need that one for the Translation tools), just a few tweaks here n there, and it’s back to old performance except giving off a newer feel and increased processing speed, of course. Linux was back up at the weekend already at least (gotta love that OS and it’s customer friendliness).


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