Hachinan tte, Sore wa Nai Deshou! Chapter 26

Heyas folks,

it was indeed an uphill battle. Some statistics to get an idea: 7500 words in 600 lines with 35k characters excluding blanks. Longest chapter I have done yet, but … It’s dead, Jim!

As for the title of the chapter… NO, I didn’t forget it! I just don’t think you want to be spoilered, so for those who reeeeeeaalllyy need to know the title, you can scroll down to the end of the chapter.

Well, all in all … quite the unusually exciting chapter for Hachinan and most likely the opening gong of a new arc, is my guess. ^^

Have fun reading chapter 26 here!


  1. See the Link “https://infinitenoveltranslations.wordpress.com/hachinan-tte-sore-wa-nai-deshou/chapters-21-30/chapter-26/%20%E2%80%8E” -> doesn’t work.

    Let’s try “https://infinitenoveltranslations.wordpress.com/hachinan-tte-sore-wa-nai-deshou/chapters-21-30/chapter-26/”. Yay! It works.


  2. You know that sotranslation have translated hachinan to chap 30, right?? Why dont you just repost that chap??

    Just sayin :))


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